Friday, August 21, 2015

Up To Speed

Here's what I've been up to.... I am doing the Brentwood Market starting this Season rather than Pleasanton, where I have been for the last 14 years. The reason for the change was sort of like the Magic 8 Ball says "All signs point to yes". I miss my customers of course, and I gave them a code to use for free shipping at check out of the Etsy Shop, its Ptonlove and its good til the end of the year. (feel free to use it if you like) So, it's a little strange being a different place on Saturdays, but I am really loving that the Market is 8 - noon and it's just 10 miles, not 48! I'm still trying to get the rhythm of the Market, learn when it's busy etc, but I'm really happy that it's been a good change. It's also a seasonal Market so I'll have some Saturdays off after the end of November, that will be amazing, and I wont go as crazy as I did last Christmas keeping up! I've also been updating my labels, you'll see a lot more color and I am loving the cheerfulness! Oh I brought the Lotion Bars back too, 6 different scents! Lets see, oh and I've been stamping the soaps too, I love the look of them! So now you're up to speed! I'll try to write a lil more often! Feel free to ask questions if you have any!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Interview with Bella Rose

Today, in "the Soap Studio" we interviewed our Mascot Bella Rose, without further adeu here is the interview with questions from Bernard Pivot: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE WORD? Bully-stick WHAT IS YOUR LEAST FAVORITE WORD? No WHAT TURNS YOU ON? My squeaky snake and warm laps WHAT TURNS YOU OFF? The Vet WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CURSE WORD? ( We can't repeat it!) WHAT SOUND OR NOISE DO YOU LOVE? The Can opener WHAT SOUND OR NOISE DO YOU HATE? sirens WHAT PROFESION OTHER THAN YOUR OWN WOULD YOU LIKE TO ATTEMPT? Lounge Singer WHAT PROFESSION WOULD YOU NOT LIKE TO ATTEMPT? Cat IF HEAVEN EXISTS, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR GOD SAY WHEN YOU REACH THE PEARLY GATES? Good Girl, c'mon in!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Go Marissa go!

My very awesome friend is participating in the Cupid Undie Run, which is a benfit to The Childrens Tumor Foundation. Please join me in supporting her in this VERY worthwhile project! Every little bit helps! Here's the link, please help!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

kitty feet

I so seldom miss Market, but when I do, I get to hang with my kitties! Here's Murrays feet, so cute! and a bonus jonas, Spike's feet when he was still a baby I don't know why I find them so cute, but I do! :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lena Horne & Teddy Wilson - 'A Prisoner of Love'

I recently drove to Sacramento and on the way home I was looking for a good radio station. I stumbled upon a public radio station and this was what they were playing, I was instantly smitten! I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Beginings

I just love the new year, bright and sparkling with all the exciting possibilities! Every year I set up a goal or ten, things like what I want for the business, things I want to do differently as well as some things I want to do personally. As for business, its done very well, I am very pleased and grateful for all of your support. I couldn't do any of this if not for you, and of course the support of my family. The focus this year will be on continueing to grow the online business, which in turn helps with the personal goal too; to make things a little easier for me! I crave time to just "be" and I usually deny myself that time, I feel guilty when I goof off! But I realize that I do need to "charge my batteries" too now and then. To that end, I gave up one of my year-round Markets in favor of a seasonal one that's very close to home. I really like to be closer to home and have been at the Pleasanton Market since the begining, in 2000, thats 96 miles round trip for me. Of course some of the vendors come much farther than that, like as far as Fresno! So anyhow, I am looking forward to spending time with all of you, and looking forward to more chill time for me! Wishing everyone a great year, filled with things that make you happy. May you all exceed your goals!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sweet lil tomatoes

At the Martinez Farmers Market today, we were in a different location due to an event on Main Street. It was a "Run for Education" and they raised over $60K for local schools, very impressive! Way to go Martinez, you know how to nurture your peeps! Anyhow, while that was going on, we were on Castro Street and many of us were next to vendors that we aren't usually close to. So a couple tents down, was this vendor that had some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes and some melons as well. What really struck me was, the way they would tenderly pick up each sweet tomato, with such gentle care. I was thinking those tomatoes has to feel the love and so I had to tell the lady from Blondie's Farm that their tender care was showing. She replied that the tomatoes were grown from seed and she watched each one of them pop their little heads up as they were growing. It was just so sweet! That's the cool thing about the farmers market, where else will you have an interaction like that? Aren't they gorgeous?